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MainVoice Communications

Main Voice Communications provides you with top quality Ventrilo servers, MohawkVoice servers, Teamspeak servers and Mumble servers. From the use of our voice servers, we have positioned our selves as the leaders in Voice Communications. We promise you will be satisfied from what you receive from MainVoice Communications.

We insure that you will have the top reliability of our services and we will provide you the top quality services and support that you wont be disappointed about. The cheapest voice servers in the business.

We take pride in our core network infrastructure that has been developing and expanding since its foundation in 2007. Ongoing investment means we’re using the latest technology and can stay ahead of the demands of a growing customer base. All our services are of the highest quality, coming from companies across the world. We use multiple transit providers and provide redundant links and services wherever possible to avoid any downtime.

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