Windows 7 Leads the World into 64-bit Computing

The realization of 64-bit computing probably won’t hit the masses until more developers and computer manufacturers take advantage of the newer architecture, but that isn’t stopping users from flocking in droves to the latest technology and Windows 7 is helping.

The Windows Blog and other sources have recently published numbers which look very good for the future of both Windows and Microsoft. Their numbers suggest that 64-bit processors are the current trend in computers running Windows 7, which makes sense. According to the chart below, nearly 46% of Windows 7 computers are running the 64-bit flavor of Windows.

There are a few reasons given for the uptick in 64-bit adoption: the price of RAM has gone down considerably than in past years, nearly all computers sold now come standard with 64-bit capable hardware, Windows 7 64 is the OS option most computers now offer, the software and hardware compatibility factor is now a non-issue, for the most part.

We knew it was coming, but I didn’t think it would be Windows 7 that would have been the Windows to finally move most users to the newer processor technology. Keep in mind that other companies, namely Apple, are also shipping iMacs and MacBook’s with only 64-bit hardware, so the swing in 64-bit usage was inevitable.

How about you? Are you still clinging to Windows 7 32-bit or another Windows version with 32-bit capability? What’s your reason for not switching and do you expect to make the leap come Windows 8?

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