New Counter Strike Source Update

Recently Valve has gone and made the what was once Source Beta into an update to the already existing Counter Strike Source Engine. With this new update release you can count on the following:

Counter-Strike: Source:
– Fixed a crash that could occur after the bomb exploded.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to exit the game.
– Changed default values of the following server variables to reflect the increase of the default tick rate from 33 to 66:
— sv_mincmdrate – 10
— sv_maxcmdrate – 66
— sv_maxupdaterate – 66
– Marked ‘developer’ cvar as cheat.
– Corrected kill/death reporting in gun games. Deaths were not being properly counted in games using instant respawn.
– Marked test_round_winpanel, test_match_winpanel, test_freezepanel commands as cheats.
– Added sv_nowinpanel and cl_nowinpanel options that can be used to disable the win panel that displays the team winner, MVP, and fun fact at the end of a round.
– Clamped ladder dampen values.
– Fixed jointeam cvar so giving it invalid values no longer spams the server console.
– Removed functionality of cl_minmodels.
– Fixed voice indicators to display at all times rather than just after their respective players have come into contact when -alltalk is on.
– Fixed scoreboard to display correct number of SourceTV viewers.
– Adjusted death notices to display under scoreboard.
– Defaulted ‘Simplified list’ to OFF and made the setting persistent.
– Fixed an issue that could make it appear as if a player already had one or more MVP stars upon joining a server.
– Made text on loading bar more legible.
– Added more materials that were missing for community maps.

– Fixed disconnect exploit causing players to be forced off of a server due to an overflowed packet.
– Fixed players being able to start the game using a DirectX level less than DirectX8.

Windows/Linux Dedicated Server:
– Added Counter-Strike: Source to the list of games for the dedicated server when running through the Steam client.

An update on the Update by Valve:
The reason for the recent update was to move Counter-Strike Source (CSS) from the older HL2 version of the Source engine to the most recent version. This brings the CSS codebase in-line with our other games. This resolves long standing issues associated with the older engine and allows us to benefit from features and bug fixes in other source games as they come online, such as improved graphic effects and more accurate hit registration.

During this process we created some unintended side effects, these are bugs. We are actively investigating all reports.

A good example of this is bullet penetration changing on Linux Servers only; not Windows Servers. This was a subtle bug to track down and understand. It has been fixed.

Rest assured we will continue to fix old and new CSS bugs. We want to retain the CSS gameplay experience that you know and love. We would also like to thank everyone reporting bugs and posting constructive feedback. This is an invaluable part of the process.

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