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Our View:
MainServ Technologies started Dec 1, 2008 by a single entrepreneur who wanted to see more competition and change in todays gaming service providers (GSP). Before he started MainServ he built MainVoice Communications to what it is today, 1500+ beyond satisfied Voice Server customers using only the best techniques and skills he learned from his days as a sales rep and tech for other companies.

MainServ Technologies is not only a (GSP) but a beacon of hope to all the young gamers out there, that they do not have to pay those outrageous prices that many other companies will demand from their loyal customers. Giving the same great performance that those other high priced (GSP) do MainServ would like to offer it for a smaller amount.

In the rare event where our network fails, we have policies that protect our customers. If your service uptime falls below 99% due to network and/or hardware related issues you will be issued credits on your next month of service. Those credits range from a reduction in your next billing cycle to an entire month free! For details check our service level agreement.

– Fully-redundant architecture
– Multi-gigabit backbone with over 100 Gbps of transit/peering capacity
– SONET transit connections for self-healing fault-tolerance
– Multi-layer network design
– Customized routing policies for customers
– BGP best-path routing
– Automatic detection and re-routing around network failures
– Open peering policy allowing for local data delivery
– Carrier fault-tolerance
– Non-oversubscribed bandwidth
– Quality of Service monitoring and analysis

Our Servers :
2 x Intel Harpertown Xeon L5410 2.33Ghz
8192MB DDRII Memory
100Mbps Port Speed
6000GB Tier 1 Premium Bandwidth
Network monitoring and DDoS mitigation

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